You can play it simply by dragging and dropping the video file.
    If the high-quality video released in 2012 ~ 2016, you will feel the mosaic reduction effect with the default settings.
    If you make slight adjustments in the settings panel, the width of videos that can be supported will be expanded.

    You can capture videos that require a dedicated player with a single button.


    Analyzes the image and automatically determines the area and roughness of the mosaic.
    Apply appropriate processing according to the roughness of the mosaic (cell size).
    Not only simple blurring but also methods such as super resolution filter are used.

    Even if it is not a high-performance PC, it can be processed in real time while playing full HD videos.


    The settings for each movie are saved automatically and loaded at the next playback.

    It also has general functions such as frame-by-frame, skip, range selection loop, fixed aspect ratio, and color correction.

    If you set the mosaic reduction process for each scene you can get enough effect in the whole long movie. *Only the product version

    If you record the processed videos, they are available on mobile devices. *Limited in trial version


    CPU : i3 or higher
    GPU : GeForceGT710 or higher (or equivalent built-in GPU) *GTX750 or higher recommended for VR
    MainMemory : 4G or more
    OS : Windows8, 10 (32bit,64bit) *Capturing and recording can not be used on Windows7.
    *Requires DirectX11


    *TecoGAN requires an AVX compatible CPU (SandyBridge or later, i3 or higher) and 64-bit Windows

  • RESTRICTIONS of TrialVersion

    - The width of the video created by recording is fixed at 640 pixels. *It can be specified in the product version.

    - Even if you specify the range, recording will end in 1 minute. *It is unlimited in the product version.
    - Processing settings apply to the entire video. *The product version can be set separately for each section.

    - Mosaic reduction in VR mode up to 10 minutes. *Continue without mosaic reduction if exceeded.


    If the video quality is too low, the mosaic can not be detected and the effect will not appear.
    If the background is a grid pattern, the entire screen may be processed.
    It supports mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, jpg, png, but there are videos that can not be played back due to the codec.
    You can not play DRM protected videos, but you can process them using real-time capture.

    Please check the trial version before purchasing.